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We support local sports clubs!

As we have reported earlier, our clay-covered portable tennis courts are constructed with the technology suitable for international competitions, ensuring that no waste is generated after the setup and dismantling. We carefully collect and transport the accumulated tons of clay back home. The clay, which retains their first-class quality even after the competition, are donated to domestic youth development sports clubs.

This year, the clay from the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix WTA500 competition was given to a tennis club in Dabas and another one in Kiskunfélegyháza. The club Kiskunfélegyháza, with its friendly family atmosphere, has nurtured numerous talents over the past years. Several national champions and successful players with international tennis careers have grown up here. The club hosts friendly championship rounds and in-house competitions to enrich their everyday preparations and games. Currently, they have three outstanding young talented athletes: Rekedt-Nagy Panni, Horváth Döme, and Rekedt-Nagy Zoltán. 

Rekedt-Nagy Panni, at the age of 13, has already become a three-time Hungarian champion and a six-time regional champion. Her brother, Rekedt-Nagy Zoltán, at the age of 10, earned an individual bronze medal in the Hungarian U12 championships, both in singles and doubles! Horváth Döme is currently strengthening the level of the 14-year-old category. 

We wish them further successful sports achievements and look forward to future cooperation!"

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