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Fast and convenient play in any hall in the world in just 6 hours!


The biggest advantage of hard-surfaced portable tennis courts over traditional solutions is that they can be set up and ready to play in a hall or arena anywhere in the world in around 6 hours. No painting is required on site. ITF approved quality finish on our hard surface mobile tennis courts.

- How do we do it?

The hard-surfaced portable tennis court

The top players in the world have confirmed that they like the court not only for its perfect hard court characteristics but also for its almost unsurpassed flexibility and joint comfort. The court is based on a 15 mm thick sponge layer, and a 24 mm thick wooden sports court surface covers it with special ergonomics. The surface is sealed with a waterproof membrane, and 3 more layers of acrylic are applied on top.

— How is it different?

Portable Tennis Court

Unlike a traditional tennis court, a portable tennis court is easy to transport and assemble, which allows tennis courts to be quickly set up in any location, such as public areas, parks, schools, sporting events or any other place where it is not possible or desirable to build a permanent tennis court.

Is this type of court also used in competitions?

Yes! Over the past decade, more than 17 Davis Cups and more than 12 Billie Jean King Cups have been played on our courts. Whether hard or clay surface, national or international location, the team at Rebound Sports has the utmost expertise in building portable tennis courts!

Why choose Rebound Sports?

The world-class Australian REBOUND ACE® and American LAYKOLD® acrylic hardcourts, as well as the Swiss SWISS COURT® hybrid clay tennis courts are distributed and constructed in Hungary by Rebound Sports. All three manufacturers represent world class quality, therefore it is no coincidence that Grand Slam tournaments have been played on these surfaces in the past and present.

Miért jó választás ?

Az állandó teniszpályák építése és fenntartása magas költségekkel járhat. A mobil teniszpálya viszont jóval olcsóbb megoldás lehet, különösen olyan hazai és nemzetközi rendezvényeknél, amelyek csak átmeneti időszakra szólnak.

- Popular solution


Portable tennis courts offer players flexibility and the opportunity to play tennis all year round, without the constraints of weather. The popularity of this type of court is growing steadily and it remains a popular option for those looking for a comfortable, flexible and quickly assembled tennis court.

Why the hard-surfaced portable tennis court?

Felépítés 6 óra alatt

Installation in 6 hours

The 826m2 center court can be built and removed in 6 hours



The court is maintenance-free and ready to use immediately after installation.

Alacsony költség

Low cost

Building and maintaining permanent tennis courts can be costly. Portable tennis courts are a cheaper option.

Közösségi szerepvállalás

Community involvement

The portable tennis court allows tennis to be played in community areas, promoting healthy lifestyles and community involvement.

Rugalmas logisztika

Flexible transportation

The court is delivered in boxes to the venues. Their designs make them easy to transport on the ground, on the water, and in the air as well.

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