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We are the only company nationwide who offers the most modern clay tennis court construction and installation.


Thanks to the Swiss Court technology, the court keeps the classic clay court characteristics that we like and have proven to be very popular. The difference - compared to the traditional clay court - will of course be noticeable during the game, but in an absolutely positive sense, as it is much more even, flat surface, where you do not have to fear from court errors. In addition, it is important to mention the other benefits of the technology: - no maintenance in spring, - dries quickly after rain, - resists winter frost, - can be used outdoors all year around.

- How do we do it?

Hybrid Clay Court Layering

In order to determine the exact stratification and drainage required, it is necessary to have knowledge of the soil mechanics and geodetic properties of the site, and to have the approval of a qualified professional designer.

  • Min. 10 cm 0/22 andesite layer (levelled with a maximum level difference of 2 cm)
  • Min. 20 cm 0/32 crushed stone layer, properly compacted and levelled
  • Drainage installation
  • After mirror design, geo-textile spreading (ViaCon WG40)
  • A concrete curb around the tennis court min. C12/15 in bedding concrete. If a later covering is envisaged, it is recommended that a suitable sheeting base is constructed at the same time as the tennis court sub-base
  • Optionally, preparations for the installation of an automatic irrigation system (installation of piping, installation of sprinkler head receivers)

Swiss Court Bemutatkozó

- What makes a hybrid clay court different?

Hybrid VS Traditional?

Hybrid clay courts are more durable than conventional clay courts. In all cases, they are designed to withstand the wear and tear and damage caused by weathering and continuous use. This means that the track can have a longer life and require less maintenance than a conventional version.

Why is it a good choice?

Hybrid clay courts provide a higher level of stability than conventional clay tracks because they use special soil stabilisation technologies. This reduces the risk of slippage, increases traction and improves playability.

Why choose Rebound Sports?

The world-class Australian REBOUND ACE® and American LAYKOLD® hard surface tennis courts, as well as the Swiss SWISS COURT® clay tennis courts are exclusively distributed and constructed in Hungary by Rebound Sports. All three manufacturers represent world class quality, therefore it is no coincidence that Grand Slam tournaments have been played on these surfaces in the past and present also.

How's the gaming experience?

Hybrid clay courts provide a more comfortable playing experience, as special materials and technologies allow the court to better absorb shocks and vibrations. This helps reduce the risk of injury and improves player comfort on the court.

- Steadily growing popularity

Where is the most popular?

Hybrid clay courts are most popular in Spain, Italy, France and Germany, which have traditionally had a strong tennis and clay court culture. In addition, the popularity of hybrid clay courts is growing in the USA, Canada, Australia, as well as in countries in Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and our country, Hungary.

Why hybrid clay courts?

Nem igényel tavaszi felújítást

No need for spring renovation

The hybrid clay court is more resistant to weather conditions and therefore does not need to be renovated in the spring.

Gyors száradás

Quick drying

Thanks to its unique drainage capacity, the hybrid clay court helps rainwater to dry up quickly from the court so that it can be used again sooner.

Ellenáll a téli fagynak

Resists winter frosts

The hybrid clay court is more resistant to extreme cold, so you can play tennis or other sports on it in winter.

Egész évben használható szabadtéren is

Use all year round

The hybrid clay court allows outdoor sports all year round, as it is more resistant to weather conditions and requires less maintenance.

Jobb játékélmény

Better game experience

Hybrid clay courts are more stable, less dusty and less slippery, providing better grip and more comfortable game for players.

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