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The sport that has become an unstoppable success worldwide! Leave the complete construction of your Padel court for us, be one of the first!


Padel is a new sport - very similar to tennis. If you look at a padel court, you could say it is a combination of squash and tennis. This is reflected in the look, size, rules and equipment of the court. At first glance, you could say that if you can play tennis, you can play padel. However, for you to experience the difference, you definitely should try this hugely popular sport as soon as possible! It's like having two squash courts set up opposite to each other. But what makes the game more colourful and exciting is that instead of a wall - just like in tennis - a net separates the two courts and you can play this exciting game with real opponents. Traditionally, the game is played in doubles, but of course you can play singles. The walls surrounding the court makes the game interesting and colorful, which are essential for the game - by using them you can make it really exciting.

- How is it constructed?

Padel court layers

  • 30 mm special gravel rubber layer, professionally applied according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • 20 mm (compacted) 2/4 fraction size crushed stone layer / compactness min. 95%.
  • 70 mm (compacted) 4/22 fraction size crushed stone layer / compactness min. 95%.
  • 150 mm (compacted) 20/50 fraction size crushed stone layer / compactness min. 95%.
  • Drain placement
  • After mirror design, geo-textile spreading (ViaCon WG40), soil compactness min. 95%.
  • The construction of a suitable lane around the tennis court is required.

Court size: 10X20m
4 walls (safety glass, steel poles, wire nets)
Surface: artificial grass, filled with quartz sand

- How is a padel court different?

Foundation of the Padel court

The court can be built either indoors or outdoors, but in both cases a stable and solid substructure is required to ensure that the steel poles surrounding the court and the safety glass between them are stable. In general, two types of installation systems are used for the construction of the foundation: - A strip foundation with permeable asphalt is the most effective solution, but a reinforced concrete slab with an appropriate slope is also an alternative. In both cases, the building permits of the competent authorities must be taken into consideration!

Sky Padel

The Padel court installed by us complies with the requirements of the National Padel Federation: size: 10X20m; steel support structure; sides: safety glass, wire net, surface: artificial grass. The court is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be equipped with four reflector poles on request. The steel structure is made of fire-anchored steel, painted with polyester paint, which gives the structure excellent resistance to weathering. The structure is supported by a total of 20 pillars of 80x80x2mm profile, each 3 meters high. There are also 30 steel frames in which the glass net and the wire net panels are fixed. The padel is available in green, blue, dark grey and black colors

Why choose Rebound Sports?

The world-class Australian REBOUND ACE® and American LAYKOLD® acrylic hardcourts, as well as the Swiss SWISS COURT® hybrid clay tennis courts are distributed and constructed in Hungary by Rebound Sports. All three manufacturers represent world class quality, therefore it is no coincidence that Grand Slam tournaments have been played on these surfaces in the past and present.

Why is the glass wall necessary?

The glass walls help players bounce the ball back and allow play to continue even if the ball falls out of play. The surface of padel courts is usually made of artificial grass or durable, flexible material so that players can move around easily and play safely.

- Across Europe and overseas

Growing popularity

Padel is an increasingly popular sport worldwide. In recent years, interest in the sport has grown significantly, and padel courts and padel clubs are being built in more and more countries. The sport is particularly popular in Spain, Argentina and Mexico, where the sport's ancestors can be found, but padel is also gaining a growing fan base in Europe, North America and Asia. The sport is easy to learn, and the exciting gameplay and friendly, communal atmosphere around the courts contribute to padel's popularity. However, padel is not yet on the Olympic list, although several countries are working towards its inclusion in the Olympic programme.

Why padel tennis?

Könnyen tanulható

Easy to learn

Padel is easy to learn and the gameplay is fast and exciting, making it an enjoyable sporting experience for beginners and advanced players alike.

Alacsony sérülési kockázat

Low risk of injury

The game has a low injury risk, which means that players can expect fewer injuries than in other sports.



Padel is a team sport that is great for team building and strengthening friendships.

Szellemi egészségre pozitív hatás

Positive mental health impact

The game develops balance, dexterity and reaction time, and can improve mental health and reduce stress and anxiety.

Könnyen elérhető sport

Sport within easy reach

Padel is becoming an increasingly popular sport around the world, with more and more places to try it out, making it accessible almost anywhere.

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