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REBOUND ACE® HSA 5 is the most commonly built Rebound Ace system in Hungary as well as Europe.


Similar to the GS 8 system, the HSA 5 system also consists of a high quality rubber mat, but in a thinner version. (4mm) A polyurethane pore sealer is applied on top of the rubber mat, followed by a bond coat and 4 further layers of acrylics. The HSA 5 system is a point-elastic system with a force absorption efficiency of approximately 12-14%.

- How is it constructed?


1. Asphalt subbase
2. Adhesive layer
3. Rubber mat (4mm)
4. Pore sealant + primer coat layer
5. Akril rétegek (2 x Flexible-Filler)
6. Acrylic layers (2 x Top-Coat)
7. Lining

— How is it different?

Traditional hard court

Unlike the ConiRAce technology, our traditional, well-established hard courts are based on an asphalt or concrete layer. On top of the subbase there are three types of coverings to choose from, with varying degrees of flexibility and hardness.

Top-class tennis courts at your doorstep!

We use state-of-the-art technology that is specifically designed to be joint-friendly. The quality of the hardcourts is on a par with the courts used at major events in the ITF calendar.

Why choose Rebound Sports?

The world-class Australian REBOUND ACE® and American LAYKOLD® acrylic hardcourts, as well as the Swiss SWISS COURT® hybrid clay tennis courts are distributed and constructed in Hungary by Rebound Sports. All three manufacturers represent world class quality, therefore it is no coincidence that Grand Slam tournaments have been played on these surfaces in the past and present.

What are the advantages of these technologies?

The durability and pleasant playing characteristics of these systems make them the perfect choice for amateur and club players alike. Whether hard surface or hybrid clay tennis courts, the world-class construction makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

— Both in our country and abroad

Growing popularity

Hard courts are becoming increasingly popular in Hungary, as the hard surface is ideal for fast, precise play, which is particularly important in tennis, and requires minimal maintenance. Thanks to the technology, we now build flexible hard courts that are particularly easy on the joints. The growing popularity of hard courts is demonstrated by the fact that we have built more than 50 hard courts in Hungary in the last few years.

Why hard courts?

Gyakorlatilag karbantartásmentes

Practically maintenance-free

It does not require time-consuming and costly spring maintenance, which can save owners time and money.

Gyorsan használható esős időben

Easy to use after rainy weather

Rainy weather is not a hindrance either, as the hard court dries quickly and players can start using the court immediately.

Egész évben használható

Use all year round

The weather does not affect the use of the court, so players can enjoy tennis all year round.

Nem igényel locsolást

No need to water

The court does not require regular watering, which reduces water consumption and costs.

Nincs szükség salakpótlásra vagy pályahúzásra

No need for clay replacement or track maintenance

Hard courts do not require clay replacement or grinding, so they require less maintenance than traditional clay courts.

If you have any questions

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