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The outdoor tennis season starts on Swiss Court® hybrid clay court in Balatonfüred

In 2022, the development of a unique sports center started in Balatonfüred. Within the framework of the project, Rebound Sports Ltd. built four new tennis courts in addition to the existing four courts. Three of the new courts have hard surface and one has a hybrid clay surface. 

The hard courts we built were established in different systems. Two courts in the sports hall were built using the Rebound Ace® system, while the Laykold® system was installed in the mobile, lightweight hall. The two systems are identical in appearance and quality, the only differences for players are speed, flexibility and power absorption. It is worth trying both systems if you are near Balatonfüred, as it is rare and special in our country to find a tennis club where both world-class systems can be found together.

If that wasn't enough choice - the outdoor clay court is equipped with the Swiss Court® system. The hybrid clay court's special feature and advantage is that it does not need to be renovated in the spring, so you don't have to say goodbye to outdoor clay court tennis in the autumn. After a heavy rain the hybrid clay courts dry out much faster than conventional clay courts . It is also resistant to winter frost. Even in a mild, sunny winter month, it is safe to pick up your racket and play on the Swiss Court® system.

If you would like more information about the tennis court systems exclusively distributed by Rebound Sports kft., please visit the presentations on our website!

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