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Rebound Sports in the Mallorca Country Club

Rebound Sports Ltd. is involved in organizing numerous domestic and international tennis tournaments. Last week, we traveled to Mallorca, Spain, to assist in the preparations for the Mallorca Championships ATP250 tournament, which will take place from June 25th to July 1st, 2023, at the Mallorca Country Club. 

At the temporary stands being constructed on-site, the club usually has padel courts throughout the year. The organizers entrusted us with the proper and safe dismantling and transportation of these padel courts. The removal and transportation of the large and heavy glass panels, which play a crucial role in the padel courts, posed a real challenge. However, our team of four completed the organizers' request within three days. 

Starting this year, Rebound Sports Ltd. not only specializes in the construction of world-class tennis courts but also offers the design and construction of padel courts. For more information about Sky Padel and the construction of domestic padel courts, you can visit our website.

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