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Portable Courts


Our company offers portable tennis courts suitable for any level indoor events such as ATP or WTA tournaments, or ITF events like Davis Cup or BJK Cup.

The biggest advantage of our solution is the short assembly time. We can build our portable courts in any arena around the world within 6 hours ready to play.

The REBOUND ACE PORTABLE has perfect hard court characteristics and very high shock absorbtion levels, which makes the court well liked by professional players.

The regular size of the portable court is 826m2 with "medium" ITF pace rating. The size and the pace can be adjusted based on the clients needs.

The courts can be rented for days, weeks or even months.

Please contact our company for a quote.

Technical data:

- Average stats based on DIN V 18032-2

- Shock absorbtion: KA 55 68%

- Resilience, vertical deflection: 3,6mm

- Change of shape: W500 I-IV 9%

- Rolling Load: 1500N

- Ball refelction: BR 98%

- Sliding resistance: 68BPN